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Adopted 9th of February 2018

 Broley is a 4-yr old ACD mix, who came from a shelter in KY. This boy is truly the sweetest of sweetest dogs. He’s a true Velcro dog, who wants to please his owner ALL THE TIME. He got along with his foster brother immediately and they had many wrestling matches during his stay with them. Broley got a adopted by a wonderful couple in PA. They already had an ACD mix with the name Miles and these two are now brothers for life. They are best buds. Broley hit the jackpot for sure. GOOD JOB BROLEY!!! 

Adopted 28th of January, 2018

 Little Cooper was found half frozen in someone’s backyard. They contacted us to see if we could help. Cooper received a LOT of attention and many people were ready to give him a forever home. Right now, Cooper lives in NC, together with an ACD mix sister Sadie and yorkiepoo Shelby. They had just lost another fur baby and Sadie was very depressed. She needed a new buddy. Cooper came and saved the day. Sadie can smile again and these two are inseparable! COOPER, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! 

Gabie (now Lumos)
Adopted 27th of January, 2018

 Gabie has this awesome laidback personality. Just the go with the flow kinda gal. Whatever doesn’t happen today, can wait until tomorrow. Super sweet  Gabie, who now goes by the name Lumos, lives only 45 minutes away from us. She has a big brother “Buddy, a Leonberger mix” and these two love to wrestle a LOT. Lumos also enjoys going to work with her new mom where she will meet all her new friends. She’s one lucky gal. A whole new world opened up for her and she’s enjoying every minute of it. YOU ARE GREATLY MISSED GIRLIE!!!

Dustie (now Cooper)
Adopted 13th of January, 2018

Lil Dustie, who now goes by Cooper, is a sweetheart. He’s had a few harsh years, we think, with a few battle scars around his nose to show for and missing all his front teeth. Poor baby! His new mommy and daddy fell in love with him as soon as they saw him on FB. We set up a meet and greet and they were ready to take him home that evening. But he needed to meet his new sister FIRST. Stella wasn’t so sure in the beginning, but after 2-3 weeks they are now sun bathing together outside and sleeping in the same bed every evening. Cooper stole Stella’s heart. YAY FOR COOPER!!! 

Adopted 5th of January, 2018

Precious Evie was and still is the smallest of the three girls we had in our home during the winter months. She’s a social butterfly and moved in with the most awesome family. She now has 2 human brothers and 1 human sister AND 2 furry brothers. All five of them adore her even though she’s starting to rule the roost. She makes sure they all are good to each other. She loves to play with all of them and definitely added a lot of love and laughter to this great family. EVIE, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!! 

Adopted 1st of January, 2018

Frankie was the leader of the pack, the frontrunner in everything she and her sisters did. With her “bull in a china shop” attitude, she gave us some great laughs. She was always happy go lucky and a whole lot of fun to have around. Frankie now resides in Indiana, where she has two young human sisters to protect and make them laugh. GO FRANKIE!!!  

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