Hall of fame 2017

Adopted 15th of December, 2017

Cutie Pie Annie, who has the sweetest face, but don’t let that fool you. She knows how to let you know what she does or doesn’t want. She’s always very interested in what you are doing, so like a true cattle dog, her new mommy will always have an audience. Annie moved to Edinburg, PA where she joined her new family. She now has a few new furry sisters; a small terrier mix name “Lil Dog”, a big shepherd/husky mix Koda, last but not least a kitty cat with the name Kitty. Her new mommy and daddy are totally in love with her, so she got it made!!!  

Adopted 9th of December, 2017

Dolly is an 11 month old ACD, who came from a shelter in KY. Unfortunately, her previous owner fell ill and wasn’t able to take care of her any longer. We are glad her time in a shelter was relatively short before she came to us. Even though one day is one day too long! Dolly is a sweetheart, who loves to run and play. She has been adopted by a wonderful young and active couple who already had a dog with the name Sam. Sam loves being a big sister and the two of them are enjoying their long walks together. They reside in Peninsula, OH. 

Adopted 1st of December, 2017

Baby girl Bristol, who was only 9 lbs when she arrived at IM DINGO, came together with her sister Annie and her brother Caleb. They came from a shelter in Kentucky. Bristol now lives in Eden, NY together with 2 human brothers and 1 furry big sister, named Penny. Bristol is a sweetie, who minds really well. She loves her human brothers and follows them around wherever they go. She’s a lucky girl, just as lucky as her new family is, to have her 

Adopted 19th of November, 2017

Beautiful Black Caleb, who was everyone’s favorite coming into our rescue. Together with his sisters Annie and Bristol, he traveled from KY to OH. His beautiful big brown eyes would just melt your heart. He lived with our foster family in Wooster where he was taught the ropes by his foster brother Rory, who’s just the perfect foster dog. Caleb now lives in Phillipsburg, NJ where he has a furry big brother Luke. Caleb thinks the world of Luke and these two are always close together. Caleb enjoys going to work with his mommy and he’s becoming quite the worker, as long as he wears his little tie   

Adopted 2nd of November, 2017

Charlie, who now goes by Gracie Jo, has been adopted. Gracie was found on the side of the road, together with her sister Dallas. Gracie is a sweetheart and moved to Columbus, OH. Her new mommy and daddy couldn’t wait to add her to their family. To Gracie’s surprise, they also adopted their foster Beagle Mae Belle. Gracie Jo and Mae Belle were instant best friends. Just Perfect! These four will have plenty fun adventures ahead of them. Good Luck Gracie. We Love You Very Much!!!     

Adopted 16th of October, 2017

Dallas has found her forever family; close by in Kent, OH. Dallas is a very affectionate girl with some awesome “dance moves”. Dallas was found on the side of the road, together with her sister Charlie. We are glad that a good Samaritan stopped and swooped them up! Her new mommy and daddy fell in love instantly after they saw her first picture and couldn’t wait to meet her. This girl will have an awesome and active life with two fitness fanatic parents.    

Adopted 23rd of September, 2017

Baron, who just showed up in someone’s backyard in MO, has found his forever home and now lives in Huntington, West Virginia. He has become quite the traveler. Baron is one of the most affectionate dogs we have had so far. He is the best kisser! He now has an older cattle dog sister with the name Baily and a kitty cat brother “Mouse”. His new mommy and daddy are totally in love with Baron. He is a Super Velcro Boy just like they were looking for. Another Perfect Match!!     

Adopted 23rd of September, 2017

Arlo is our Very First Rescue/Foster, he will always have a special place in our heart. Arlo was a stray and we picked him up from a shelter in Mid-Ohio. This young boy is such a pleaser, like a True Cattle Dog. He adores his Big Brother Macca and they have been playing almost from the moment he came “home”. Arlo looks up to Macca who’s teaching him the ropes. His new mommy wanted a snuggle buddy and his new daddy wanted a running buddy. Arlo can’t run yet, because he isn’t full grown yet, but he got the “snuggle buddy” status down. Both mom and dad are Very Happy with him. Another success story! Love it!!   

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