Finley’s page

Hi, i’m Finley

Status: Available
Age:  5 years old, 90 lbs
Info: UTD, Microchipped, Neutered
Sex: Male
Breed: Purebred Great Pyrenees

Hi, my name is Finley and I’m a very handsome 5-year purebred Great Pyrenees, if I can say so myself. I’m on the smaller side, “only” 90-95 lbs. The first couple of years of my life I didn’t have a lot of fun. I actually had never been inside a home until I got to IM DINGO.

Now, I LOVE being inside, the air conditioner is awesome!!! I have a nice big soft bed to sleep on which is pretty neat. But during the summer months, I rather sleep on the nice cold tile flooring. I get lots of cuddles right now and those are the best. I just love to lay on the floor with my human and cuddle until I fall asleep. Those are really the best moments, besides going for car rides. I LOVE CAR RIDES!!! Just take me anywhere, and I’m game!

At home, I follow my human around the house. I have to keep an eye on them, you just never know! In the evening, I like to lie next to the couch, preferably under/near my human’s feet and watch TV with them, or just snooze. I don’t like fire, so the fireplace is a little scary for me. 

Right now, I have a Great Pyrenees foster sister, who I like to play with. We love to run around the yard, throw toys in the area, chase each other and roll around. She is pretty fun to be with. There are 5 other doggies, but they are not the same like I am, so I just ignore them. They play very different than the Pyr, I don’t understand that. I would like to have a Pyr sister to play with, but if I’m the only dog, that’s fine too. More attention for me, WOOF!

I don’t have to sleep in a crate anymore, because I’m a good boy now, but sometimes when I’m a little uncomfortable, like during thunderstorms, I still like to go in my XXL crate and relax. My foster mom gives me yummy calming cookies and I’m good to go.

Some things, like sudden noises, will sometimes scare me. So, I would like to be in a nice quiet home, where not too many people are coming and going. I’m OK being home alone for a few hours, but I really don’t like being home alone ALL DAY!!!

I don’t like sharing my food, (who does?!?!) so I prefer to be by myself while I eat. (no other doggies, humans are fine!) I LOVE FOOD… sometimes I’ll check the kitchen counters to see if there’s something more for me to eat, but these humans I live with are pretty good in keeping their counters clean… most of the time. A few weeks ago, I found a loaf of bread… I thought BINGO… but nope, they came back into the kitchen, just at the time I got to the good stuff… had to open the bread bag FIRST… It took me too long, darn it!!!

I don’t like cats, so if I just pretend they aren’t there, hopefully they will leave me alone as well. My human took me to a place last year, where they had chickens and horses… well that was interesting. They looked kind of cool, but I preferred to be next to my human. I don’t think I have ever seen those before, if I did, I can’t remember.

I’m just a simple boy who loves attention. I don’t require a lot, other than brushes, food, cuddles and CAR RIDES… Did I tell you that I love CAR RIDES!!! I like other people, but not right away. I gotta check them out first; make sure they are good people. If they are, then they can pet me too. I really want to be a good boy, so I like to follow my foster mom’s rules as good as I can. I love hearing that I’m a good boy!!! Are you ready to have a good boy in your home?! WOOF

Finley is being fostered in Pauls Valley, OK.


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