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Hi, i'm Finley

Status: Available
Age:  5 years old, 86 lbs
Info: UTD, Microchipped, Neutered
Sex: Male
Breed: Purebred Great Pyrenees



Handsome Finley is a 5-yr old purebred Great Pyrenees. He’s “only” 86 lbs. Finley came to us from a shelter in Kentucky, therefore we have no background information. He arrived at IM DINGO in January 2018, being very dirty, matted and looked neglected. Based on his behavior and looks we believe he was an outside dog.

What we have learned since he’s been with us:

Finley LOVES attention. He can cuddle forever, enjoys being close to his human and is very sweet. He isn’t a huge fan of the fireplace or TV. He enjoys wrestling with his 3-yr old foster Pyr sister. Like a True Pyrenees, he likes to bark; cars driving by, the leaves, the birds whatever needs his attention. So, it’s important that his future neighbors are either far away or will enjoy the bark and protectiveness that he provides.

The first few nights inside our home, he would pant and pace his room, trying to “escape”, being very uncomfortable. Right now, he truly enjoys being inside and all cozied up with us. Finley definitely appreciates the A/C.

What would be the perfect environment for him? Probably on a farm or property where he has room to roam and he can bark as much as he wants because either the neighbors are very far away or the neighbors don’t mind because they understand the breed. Hopefully where there’s another Pyrenees to keep him company. (he ignores other breeds).  A home where HE can decide to either stay inside or go outside and enjoy the fresh air. He definitely uses the doggy door a LOT! Finley is used to sleeping inside right now and enjoys a little snack before going to sleep.

Even though he enjoys being inside, he’s not the kind of dog, who will be “happy” to be inside all day while the owners are at work. On the cooler days, he’s definitely outside a lot more than on the warmer days.

He ignores cats and tested fine with chickens, horses and a bunny. He’s very shy when he meets new people. It takes a little while for him to warm up to them. Because he gets startled rather quickly, we don’t think that a house holding with small children or a house holding with a lot of coming and going would be a good fit. Finley is definitely a “pleaser” and wants to be a good boy all the time.

Finley is being fostered in Pauls Valley, OK.

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