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Hi, i'm Hunter

Status: Available
Age:  2-3 years old, 40 lbs
Info: UTD, Microchipped, Neutered
Sex: Male
Breed: Purebred Australian Cattledog



Hunter came to us not knowing any commands, no manners, not-housebroken. He’s about 2-3 years young and 40 lbs. Just a little nugget.

We all know this breed is very intelligent and when I see how fast he learns his commands, I can only come to one conclusion. No one took the time to teach him the important stuff in a dog’s life. Probably little or no socialization. Today, he’s housebroken, crate trained, is learning quite some manners and knows the following commands:
Sit, down, shake paw, high five, come, wait, touch, roll over and giving hugs.

He patiently sits and wait before starting his meals and he’s starting to catch on walking on a leash. Hunter is a TRUE ACD, Super Velcro, medium-high energy, very territorial and protective. He’s also a pleaser. He really wants to be a Good Boy!!! Based on what we have learned, he will need a savvy ACD family/person without children. He becomes pretty dominant/controlling with other dogs, so we would prefer a home without other dogs. He can perfectly entertain himself with different kind of toys. We do believe he could learn how to play the correct way; it’s just something that is really hard for us to focus on with 8 dogs in our home.

With me (Irene) he’s a love bug and he can’t spend enough time with me. He’s very low energy with Matt. He’s just not interested in playing with him. Like a true ACD, he’s a “one-person dog”!!! Hunter does great when we spend time with him together, with the three of us.
It would be great to find either a single person looking for a “partner in crime”, or an active couple who will enjoy just one dog who will be TOTALLY DEVOTED TO THEM!!! Hunter is a lot of fun to be around, quite a character and a great sense of humor.

I know, there are quite some “requirements” but we want to set him up for success. He will need a 6-ft fence around his yard, due to his agile high jumping skills! Transport is available up to 1,000 miles. We do not ship.

Fostered in Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma.


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